Job Hungry Grads Continue the Hunt

April 2017

Thousands of college students graduating this spring are facing a mainly positive job market. Experts say job openings and demand are about the same as last year, but entry-level pay and student debt may be trouble for many. Reporter Amanda Schmidt talked with Penn State graduates about their plans.

Penn State’s Student-Run Farm Going Strong

April 2017

This May marks the one-year anniversary of the Penn State's student-run farm. The farm considers the first year a success in terms of both farm production and community engagement. Reporter Amanda Schmidt spoke with farm members about their experience.

The Decline of Bees in Pennsylvania

April 2017

Many bee colonies are in decline, including some in Centre County. Although the cause is widely unknown, researchers say pesticides and aerial sprays are contributing. Reporter Amanda Schmidt talked with local beekeepers about the problem.

Exploring the "Rainforests of the Ocean" in Panama

April 2017

In an ancient indigenous language, the name Panama means "abundance of fish," but modern Panama might not be living up to that name, as coral ecosystems are endangered. Reporter Amanda Schmidt explored coral off the coast of Panama to learn more.

Higher Risk for Pennsylvania Earthquakes?

March 2017

The risk of earthquakes in Pennsylvania is relatively low, but some say oil and gas activities could potentially increase that risk. Reporter Amanda Schmidt learned more about the potential impacts of hydraulic fracking.

Digging Out From The Big Storm

March 2017

A warm-up in early March led many State College residents to falsely believe that spring had arrived. Reporter Amanda Schmidt spoke with State College residents to learn how they felt about the recent snowstorm.

Predictions for State Patty's Day 2017

February 2017

Although the chaos surrounding State Patty's has largely declined since it's peak in 2011, the number of crimes increased in 2016. Reporter Amanda Schmidt spoke with students and State College business owners to learn about their predictions on the student-run holiday.

2016 Presidential Election at Penn State

November 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election was one for books, many felt as though neither candidate was fit to be president. Reporter Amanda Schmidt spoke with Penn State students at the campus precinct to learn about students' views.

Wasson Farm in the Fall

November 2016

Wasson Farm is a popular family-run farm in Centre County, hosting various Fall activities. Reporter Amanda Schmidt explored the farm and learned more about their plans for the Fall.

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